L.A. Thompson

Author, novelist, and award-winning poet.

Author L.A. Thompson knew she wanted to be a writer at a young age. She longed to create worlds and characters that would draw people in and transport them to another time and place, which she achieves in her debut novel Isle of Dragons.

L.A. loves fantasy and witchcraft and by combining those elements in her stories with different historical periods, she creates a world that’s in an industrial era caught between technology and magic, exploring the two’s unique interplay.

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Being a fantasy writer, adventure is a critical element in all of L. A. Thompson’s books. Her characters face down dragons, engage in duels and travel to the far reaches of the world.


What is a fantasy world without some mysterious elements? L. A. Thompson includes court intrigue and mystery in her adventure books to keep readers hooked until the end.


L. A. Thompson’s books frequently weave in themes of witchcraft and magic, with characters learning about sources of power hidden from themselves and the wider world.

Isle of Dragons

The Hidden Library

L.A. Thompson’s iconic steampunk heroine is back in this richly imaginative quest to find a mysterious magic library that holds the key to winning the war against the corrupt King Jarrod.

Jade and Kaylen, childhood friends turned rivals, now race to find a portal located in an ancient library hidden from mankind for years that will either doom or save their world. To follow the king’s orders and regain all she’s lost, Kaylen must decide what, and who, she is willing to sacrifice. Can Jade, the dragon-taming witch Miria, and the pragmatic pod inventor Dan race against the clock and stop Kaylen from opening the gateway between realms before it’s too late?

Packed with fast-paced action, Jade’s newest adventure introduces new friends and enemies, and magic obstacles beyond anything Jade has seen before. Hang on tight as mysterious revelations unfold about the Isle of Dragons and its inhabitants.

Fans of Jeff Gunzel’s The Legend of the Gate Keeper series and Cecilia Dominic’s The Art of Piracy will be enthralled with L.A. Thompson’s brilliant and magnetic storytelling.

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