About the Author

About the Author

L. A. Thompson always wanted to be a writer who created different worlds and characters that would draw people in and take them into a time and space where they can forget their worries for some time. Combining her love for fantasy and witchcraft, she writes about historical periods and creates a world that is a mix of both technology and magic. L. A. Thompson is a freelance writer and resides on the coast of Australia.

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Being a fantasy writer, adventure is a critical element in all of L. A. Thompson’s books. Her characters face down dragons, engage in duels and travel to the far reaches of the world.


What is a fantasy world without some mysterious elements? L. A. Thompson includes court intrigue and mystery in her adventure books to keep readers hooked until the end.


L. A. Thompson’s books frequently weave in themes of witchcraft and magic, with characters learning about sources of power hidden from themselves and the wider world.

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Lauren Thompson Announces the Release of Her Book ‘The Prince and the Witch’

The story of a Young Prince who is determined to live past the age of 17.

[Victoria, Australia], Release: [April 26, 2022].


Amazon launches a new book called The Prince and the Witch written by Lauren Thompson. The story revolves around young Prince Edward, who, at the age of five, was hexed by his grandmother. He needs to break the curse to be able to live past the age of 17. With magic now banned in the Kingdom of Arthura and his supply of elixir running out, he must find a way to survive.

As last resort, the young prince heads toward the Venaty’s mountains to seek help from the witches and wizards. It is then he crosses paths with Abbey, a sarcastic young witch. The two must learn to work together and overcome their differences before they run out of time.

“The book is a perfect fantasy novel. With its twist and turns, it keeps you engaged until the end. Highly recommended for all those fantasy readers!” – Elise Peterson

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