Defying Fate

Defying Fate

They say only dead fish go with the flow of the stream. Such is the nature of fate. Sometimes, we need to defy what our fate holds in store for us because what is foreordained may not let us live the life we imagined. Are we destined for greatness? Yes, we are. We are capable of doing anything we set our minds to. Bravery is the key element to fighting beyond our fears and rising above as a whole new person.

We tend to stay in our comfort zones and are afraid of branching out to open a world of great possibilities and opportunities. The fear of the unknown may discourage us, but fear is not a bad emotion. True courage doesn’t mean the absence of fear; it means that we push beyond our fears and accept new challenges. In this way, we better ourselves and develop the skills we need to accomplish great feats.

Soldiers go against all odds and fight to protect their kingdom. A true leader would join the knights in battle to go against their fate. This is an example of real valor. Witches and warlocks use their powers to go against the odds of nature to grasp what they need from life. Watch and observe the people that are around you, those who defy their destinies every day, even if the steps they take are small. It is truly noble and is an act of bravery in itself. Know that slowly and surely; we will be able to defy our fate.

When we think that fate cannot be changed, it discourages us, and we tend to give up fighting. But the truth is that destinies can be altered if we are brave enough to act on our desires. We have been given the power and the ability to fight and come out triumphant. Do not be afraid if you fail. Failure is just a part of success. We must not feel demotivated when we are faced with difficult situations. The more we push ourselves, the more we learn. When we fail, we learn invaluable lessons that help build character and bring confidence. Look forward to these learning moments and watch yourself grow wise and thrive.

We are all capable of changing our fates and choosing our own destinies. So, fight for what you believe in and fight for all your dreams. With hard work and dedication, we can do anything we want and seize the things that are meant for us. We may be in a situation where we feel like there’s no way out, and we think it is impossible for us to go against what’s in store for us. However, as we keep fighting to persevere through hard times, we will learn that anything is possible. We will never learn if we don’t try. If we fall, we must get back up. Only then can we be successful and live a life worth living.