Isle of Dragons



A very determined Jade is constantly faced with new challenges as she journeys toward the Isle of Dragons. Little does she know the precarious waters that lie ahead and the difficult decisions she would have to make. So, when it comes down to choosing between her old life, in which she can have her father back, and her friends who became more like a family to her when she desperately needed one; who and what would she pick?

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Jade, a sixteen-year-old, having born in nobility and lived a shelter life, when suddenly found herself homeless and all alone, with her father sent into exile, the young girl had to take matters into her hands. Follow Jade as she sets on a journey to the Isle of dragons, challenges the system and all the myths she has known, uncover some deeply hidden secrets, making new friends along the way.

A compelling blend of fantasy, witchcraft and technology, Isle of Dragon Trilogy takes you to a world you’d want to settle in. With driven characters, each bringing an interesting twist to the story makes the series worth a read.



The second book in the Isle of Dragon trilogy, The Hidden Library is a continuation of Jade’s journey as she reaches the Isle and discovers far more secrets about Vansh and King Jarrod than she had ever expected. Now racing to find a portal located somewhere in an ancient library hidden since decades from mankind, will they succeed in saving the world or face their doom instead?

Jade’s newest adventure will introduce some new friends, enemies, magic obstacles, and experiences that are beyond anything Jade has ever encountered before. The mysterious revelations, as they unfold will have the readers at the edge of their seats, eager to turn the next page to unfold the mystery!

Why Read It?

With The Hidden Library, L. A. Thompson has further integrated the importance of family in the reader’s minds.
Offering a compelling story that is full of mystery and adventure, The Hidden Library will bring you to the edge
of your seat, desperate to know more.




Why Read It?

For all the fantasy lovers out there, The Isle of Dragons trilogy presents a realm of the perfect mix of fantasy, adventure, and technology. The series have been plotted and put together by L. A Thompson beautifully. The sequence of events complements each other while building up the appropriate thrill and excitement within the readers. The characters will keep the readers engaged throughout as each one has been planned with a lot of heart and soul, each having unique qualities that define the decisions they make. Indeed, with this trilogy, L. A Thompson has won the heart of all the fantasy lovers out there!

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