Lauren Thompson- Solace Through Strangers

Lauren Thompson- Solace Through Strangers

They say blood is thicker than water. Often times, we find ourselves in situations that leave us feeling lonely and out of place. You feel like you are lost with no way out of your predicament. Sometimes, we don’t have the privilege of being around our real families. When this happens, we have to rely on the help of complete strangers. These people are put in our path for the sole reason of helping us out of a dark place.

This is what happens with Jade. She makes friends with the people who are meant to be her family. When she was lost and afraid, the Atkins family helped her on her journey. They had both lost family to the mysterious Isle of Dragons and slowly formed an understanding and rapport based on their shared loss. Both Jade and the Atkins family also shared a sense of not belonging to their environment. Jade never quite fit into the cutthroat world of courtiers in the Vanhsian capital of Rioda, and the Atkins family are treated as outcasts for their knowledge and use of spirit magic.

Although, reluctant at first, Miria allows Jade into the family home. Miria secretly wanted to find the Isle of Dragons after her parents left years ago to study the mysterious creatures that many live in fear of, but do no understand. When she sees that Jade wants to go to the place her parents left for years ago, she is tempted to follow. But she respects that Jade is reluctant to involve anyone else in her mission. However, as the face challenges together and grow to respect and care for one another, Jade agrees to let her come on her journey. The two slowly come to understand how much they need each other.

Dan feels a more immediate kinship with Jade, and the two bond over the loss of family and not fitting in. The middle child, Elisa, is initially cautious of the older girl who has brought trouble to their doorstep, but she slowly and reluctantly warms up to Jade as she sees the lengths that the girl is willing to go to for them. The youngest of the Atkins siblings, Avi, is perhaps the most welcoming, and sees Jade as a fun new sibling for him to show off his magic and play with, since he has less of an understanding of the dangers around them, at least, at first. The heads of the Atkins family, Gila and Tarin, made Jade feel welcome and accepted, like she was the Atkins’ own blood. After hearing her story, they are spurred my empathy and their own sense of loss to extend a home to the runaway girl.

Embark on Jade’s extraordinary journey to find the Isle of Dragons with her friends by her side. Bear witness to how the Atkins help her find the courage she harbors deep inside herself so she can find her true strength and bring it to the surface. They lend their help in Jade’s quest as she journeys to an alternative realm to rescue her trapped father. Despite the dangers and challenges along the way, the Atkins always still stick by Jade’s side.

Be enthralled and swept away on Jade’s magical voyage in the book “Isle of Dragons” by L.A. Thompson, where you can find yourself pulled into a world of fantastical adventures at every page turn.