When Jade is cornered by soldiers, a mysterious witch named Miria Atkins rescues her, calling on spirits from a magical realm to channel their mystical energy into light and matter. As Jade seeks guidance from the Atkin family, Miria and Dan volunteer, for reasons of their own, to join Jade on her quest and help rescue her father.

Their own parents had attempted an expedition from Vansh to the Isle of Dragons years ago and never returned. Together, the trio of young heroes journey across the feudal countryside trek across the sea to become the first humans to reach the elusive Isle of Dragons.

Die-hard readers of Angelique S. Anderson’s Dracosinum Tales and Jessica Drake’s Dragon Riders of Elantia series will find L. A. Thompson’s writing magnetic, impassioned, and clever in this novel’s twisting plot.

“Author L. A. Thompson has crafted a truly excellent work of fantasy adventure which will not only captivate its younger intended audience but extend into those young at heart readers who want to live out the rebellious adventures of a teen with a determined heart and fire in her belly. One of the things which I most enjoyed about this work was the worldbuilding, setting itself up nicely for an expansive trilogy in a cinematically described and wide-reaching world of fiefs, monarchs, deceptions, politics, magical lore, and gorgeous landscapes.” — K. C. Finn from Readers’ Favorite

“Isle of Dragons is a magical tale that is hard to put down, filled with adventure and a young character’s quest to right a terrible wrong committed against her family.” — Grace Masso from Readers’ Favorite

“I was mesmerized by the fantastical elements present in the narrative and the setting is incredible! I loved Jade’s giant metal centipede and also the general mystery surrounding the species of dragons. All of these elements really added to the flair and plot of the whole book, making it such an interesting and compelling read. I also had fun following Jade and her friends’ adventures and watching them grow from their experiences. Truly, this was a superb reading experience and its ending left me wanting more. Great job.”— Jessica Barbosa from Readers’ Favorite

“This was an engaging fantasy fiction book, one that I will definitely share with others.”— Rebekah Jorgensen from Reedsy Discovery

“Isle of Dragons is a thrilling fantasy adventure that weaves a unique world with medieval and steampunk elements and dragons, magic, mechanical inventions, and power.”— Liz Konkel from Readers’ Favorite

“Taut pacing and the character-driven plot make this young adult novel a worthwhile read.”— Vincent Dublado from Readers’ Favorite

“What a great start to a really entertaining new series!”— Rabia Tanveer from Readers’ Favorite

”Fast-paced and wondrously imaginative, L. A. Thompson’s Isle of Dragons is a highly entertaining novel that fantasy lovers are bound to enjoy. With quirky and colorful characters, an engaging plot, and a deliciously crafted world, L. A. Thompson’s adventure tale pulls you in for a wild and fantastical ride that you just don’t want to get off.”— Pikasho Deka from Reader’s Favorite

“An edgy steampunk thriller that blends genres in an exhilarating way. This femme-led fantasy adventure is perfect for YA readers, and is tightly woven with themes of friendship and family, as well as independence, creativity, and the importance of taking big risks in life. Isle of Dragons is a rich foundation for a series, with plenty of room for these characters to grow.” — Self-Publishing Review

“An earnest, action-packed debut that promises future character development and complexity.” — Kirkus Reviews

“Isle of Dragons is an excellent fit for fans of fantasy and adventure and those who love to see creative Steampunk mechanical devices, magical fights, and well-developed characters whose story is worthy of reading the next book in the series.” — Chanticleer Book Reviews